Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of philately and postal history


On December 1, 2014 the Kimmel Foundation for Postal History was founded in Küssnacht SZ.

Since then we have achieved several of our goals. The most important are listed under NEWS

The founder Kurt Kimmel is a well known international expert for philately and postal history. He has decided to convey to a wider community his knowledge and experience by presenting the collections of the Foundation to the public.

If philately and postal history have a place in your heart, you have now the opportunity to participate!

You can also tell us about your collections or your publications if these are of importance to Postal History. 

If you are interested, please contact us !

Below some of our goals:

In march 2017, a house for postal history was acquired, in which the collections can be exhibited and seminars organized. See rubric HOUSE OF POSTAL HISTORY  or as we mention now  MUSEUM

The foundation is a tax-excempt charity and does not pursue any commercial purpose. See rubric PATRON

The Foundation promotes postal history studies as a meaningful research work and supports their publication.

Two prizes (two gold coins Krüger Rand from the foundations assets) are awarded each year and handed over with a diploma in the name of the foundation after a short laudation to the winner. See rubric HONORARY AWARDS

The founder, Kurt Kimmel, is an internationally known expert on philately and postal history. He has decided to communicate his knowledge to a wider community of interests by making the collections of the foundation accessible to all interested parties. See rubric COLLECTIONS

At the moment we ask for your patience. We are busy with the renovation and other projects to create the right conditions for our future museum. See rubric NEWS

If you are interested, please contact us !