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Postgeschichte Kanton Schwyz Ausstellung.jpg

The "Postal History of the Canton of Schwyz" collection is currently on display in the Museum Bauernhof. At the same time, the high-quality "Telegraphen Schweiz" collection can still be seen in six frames.

Ortspost Schwyz001.jpg


Rare letter from July 7, 1851 within the town of Schwyz = local post. Departure stamp in blue stamp ink, franked with 2.5 centimes "Poste Locale", canceled with the blue PP from Schwyz. ​


This great document can still be seen in the exhibition.

Preisübergabe Martin Kuonen.jpg

As part of a postal history seminar, the Kimmel Foundation for Postal History presented the 2023 honorary awards to this year's award winners. Jvo Bader and Martin Kuonen received honorary awards and diplomas in the hall of the Museum Bauernhof in Goldau. Congratulations!

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