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The Kimmel Foundation offers various services. Would you like to be able to prepare, design and present a certain collection in a beautiful way, but you don't have the time? Would you like to know if your grandparents' stamp collection has more than just emotional value? We are happy to help you with these questions:


Design of exhibits: CHF 80.- / hour

Oral advice on individual items: 1% of the estimated value, but at least CHF 100.-

Oral advice on collections: 2% of the estimated value, but at least CHF 100.-

Clarifications, research and explanations: CHF 80.- / hour


All services are carried out in the Museum Bauernhof in Goldau. If this is not possible, travel costs and time will be charged additionally.

Sponsors, patrons and donors will of course receive a discount on the listed prices.

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Tribute to Kurt Kimmel

On September 25, 2021, on the occasion of the FEPA Congress in Harrogate (England), Kurt Kimmel (left) received an honor from FEPA President Bill Hedley for his many years of research work: Kurt conducted basic research on the basis of his own, extensive and important collection from Ceylon to the first editions of Ceylon (1857 - 1871). This can also be read in the book "Ceylon: The Pence Issues".

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