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Preservation of valuable exhibits of the classic philately and postal history


The Foundation has the long-term purpose to sustain valuable postal history exhibits and collections of the calssic philately of cultural importance which will be made accessible to the general public by a suitable presentation (digital publication on a well connected website and by participating at exhibitions) primarily in the inland.

In March 2017 the "Bauernhof" in Goldau was acquired and subjected to extensive renovation. In future it will serve as a "House for Postal History", in which the exhibits and collections can be properly stored and displayed.

The Foundation is promoting studies of postal history as a meaningful research work and support the publication. The foundation has a non-profit character and does not intend to obtain any gains.

For the support of postal history studies and for publications, each year two prices (two Krüger Rands from the assets of the foundation) are lined up and granted with a Diploma in the name of the Foundation with a short laudatory speech to the winners in accordance with the following provisions:

  • One coin of gold (Krüger Rand) to an exhibitor of a postal history exhibit with an emphasis of the time before 1875 which also shows the earliest-known letters of the respective area (prestamp-period) as well as letters with their first postage stamps. Swiss exhibitors who show rare and valuable letters in an attractive way and who properly consider the historical background should be favoured.

  • One coin of gold (Krüger Rand) to an author from whom a publication about postal history has been issued as a book, digital or in another form. New research results and practicability for collectors interested in postal history should be taken into account.

  • The board of the foundation is free to choose suitable exhibitors and their works without the exhibitors and publishers have to apply for it. Provided that no candidates residing in Switzerland can be selected, the board of the foundation can give the price to a foreigner.

  • The winners are selected by the board of the foundation by majority decision.

These 100 gold coins (Krüger Rand) serve exclusively as price for the yearly event in accordance with the regulations to be granted by the board of the foundation. The decision of the board of the foundation is not contestable.

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